Guillaume Lauzier is a Canadian-born, French and Swiss information technology entrepreneur, innovator, creative media and design technology specialist, born in Edmonton Canada on October 21st, 1985.

He is the founder of GeneratedArt, a community of generative artists and creators. In addition, Guillaume is the founder of VJs TV, which he established in October 2012. This online television station is dedicated to showcasing the best visual art forms, including live visual performances, video installations, and music videos. Along with VJs TV, he also founded VJs Mag in April 2013. The digital publication explores and promotes audio-visual art forms, reviews of new and emerging technologies, and profiles of up-and-coming artists.

As the former Chief Technology Officer at Norsia, a fintech based in Geneva, Switzerland, Guillaume worked to ensure that investors can find meaning in their investments. Norsia develops original and practical tools to assist financial advisors in matching and leveraging investors’ sustainability goals. As CTO, Guillaume oversaw the technical development and operations of the company, managing the technical team, developing and implementing technical strategies, and ensuring that all technical aspects of the company ran smoothly and efficiently.


He was raised in a family with a background in education, his father Alain Lauzier being born in 1956 and his mother Jacqueline Gourine in 1958. In his youth, Guillaume was an active child, enjoying sports like hockey, biking, and rollerblading, as well as stunts, solving video games as fast as possible like Mario’s and Zelda’s on Nintendo systems, playing 8-bit games and small hacks on Mac OS 9, and creating unique electronics like audio-video recording systems on k7 tapes and assembling remote control model cars.

After his parents completed their master’s degrees in education at the University of Edmonton, Guillaume and his mother moved to Quebec for one year before settling in Barrie, Ontario, near Toronto. There, he attended primary school at Ecole Frère André until 1997 and began to develop a passion for music composition and got his hands on the first Macintosh computers at his mothers work. Later, he moved with his mother to Switzerland, attending primary school in Monthey, then Rives du Léman in Evian until 2000, where he started stunt rollerblading. After that, he attended School and Middle School Assomption Mont-Blanc in St-Gervais, France, until 2001, before returning to Switzerland to study at Ecole Roche in Lausanne, where he launched his first eCommerce company, Rolling Blaze.

In 2002, Guillaume began studying business at Ecole Roche and launched Rolling Blaze, which sold rollerblades, clothing, and accessories. In 2003, he left Switzerland to road trip across Western Europe and North America for a little over a year, pursuing his passion for rollerblading and meeting new people.

After returning from his road trip he began working as an audiovisual technician at the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey, Switzerland in January 2004. The renowned theater hosts a wide range of events such as concerts and plays, and as an on-call technician, Guillaume was responsible for setting up and operating lighting, projection, sound, video, and stage equipment for various events and concerts. This included unloading and reloading heavy-duty equipment, assembling stages, and handling decoration. During his 1 year and 9 months at the theater, from January 2004 to September 2005, Guillaume gained valuable experience and developed expertise in the field of audiovisual technology, specifically in lighting, projection, sound, and video setup.

Guillaume’s wanderlust and thirst for knowledge led him on a journey across Europe and North America, where he pursued his passion for meeting new people and rollerblading. However, his desire to work in creative technologies and multimedia production led him to pursue higher education in media and interaction design, and he applied to various universities across Switzerland (HEAD, ECAL), New York (NYFA, NYU), San Francisco (AAU), Paris (BAP), Lyon (ENSBA), and Vancouver (Emily Carr, VFS). Despite being refused by all these universities, he did not give up on his dreams.

In 2005, Guillaume moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he worked as a sales representative in sports equipment at Sport Chek. He also continued to develop his technical and creative skills by auditing courses at Emily Carr and borrowing every possible book at Vancouver Library. His hunger for knowledge led him to spend long hours reading and researching, as well as drawing new design concepts and technologies.

Guillaume’s desire for higher education was not satiated, and in 2007, he moved back to Switzerland to pursue studies in architecture. He sent applications to nearly all architects across the lake side of Lac Léman, known as La Riviera, and worked at two architect offices, R.Bissegger & M.Caravaglio Archi, and B.Corbat & B.Cavassini Archi, while pursuing studies at EPFL Lausanne. Despite his hard work, he did not have the recognition or scores to attend a BA (Bachelor in Architecture) at EPFL. Therefore, he decided to study during evenings at Gymnase du Soir and entering EPFL a one year preparation course called CMS in mathematics and physics while working full time to achieve his goal to enter one day EPFL in Architecture, but failed the passing exams to enter the BA.

Guillaume’s persistence and hard work led him to attend and audit classes in several courses across EPFL, while helping master degree students in architecture to gain knowledge and skills in the field. He also did an internship in Lausanne at Galletti & Matter Architects. However, despite his many trials and failures, architects told Guillaume he could not pursue internships unless he attended to enter a graduate program or get certified. Thus, he decided to pursue his journey in technology, by learning computer programming, multimedia production by doing many independent projects and continue working as a technician until 2013 doing audio visual installation, audio and video production, installations and scenography.

Guillaume’s journey has been one of perseverance and resilience, as he pursued his dreams despite facing many obstacles and setbacks. His dedication to learning and honing his skills in creative technologies has made him a skilled technician and multimedia producer.

After realizing that he couldn’t pursue internships without attending a graduate program or certification, Guillaume shifted his focus to technology. He continued working as a technician doing audio visual installations, audio and video production, and scenography, while also launching several companies like Noctune, VJs TV, and VJs Mag, to produce multimedia content and build online communities. He moved to New York in pursuit of his entrepreneurial journey, and worked on audiovisual installations ex. “Play + Draw” during Figment Festival with Melissa Ulto and VJ MojoVideoTech before moving to Toronto in 2014.

In Toronto, Guillaume attended English literature at University of Toronto and Ryerson University to perfect his programming skills while working on his own company, Khuko, to produce multimedia content. He returned to Switzerland in 2015, where he worked as an IT Manager in an international organization based in Geneva and launched the GeneratedArt project. This project combines his interest in programming and multimedia production, exploring the intersections of art and technology. Today, Guillaume continues to pursue his passion for creative technology, entrepreneurship, and multimedia production.

Throughout his journey, Guillaume has demonstrated a tireless work ethic and a passion for learning and creating. He has worked in a variety of fields, from sports equipment sales to architecture to audiovisual production, always seeking to expand his knowledge and develop his skills.

Guillaume has also shown a strong entrepreneurial spirit, starting multiple companies in his pursuit of creative and innovative projects. From launching Rolling Blaze, an eCommerce company selling rollerblades and accessories, to founding Noctune, a video production company, and creating VJs TV and VJs Mag, online platforms for showcasing audiovisual projects and artists, he has always been driven by his passion for technology and multimedia production.

Guillaume’s journey has been defined by his relentless pursuit of knowledge and creativity. He has never been satisfied with the status quo and has always sought to challenge himself and push his boundaries. His diverse experiences have given him a unique perspective and a range of skills that he continues to leverage in his work today.

Certifications and licenses

His expertise includes various fields of study, such as artificial intelligence, software development, business management, blockchain and decentralised finance, cybersecurity and cryptography, quantum computing, and data science. Holds licenses and certifications in Advanced Learning Algorithms, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decentralized Finance, Cyber Security, Open Source Software Development Methods, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, TradingView Programming, Version Control with Git, Fintech, DevOps, Scrum, Swift Programming, Technical Support, Agile Development and Methodologies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solidity, AWS, Python, Responsive Web Design, SQL, and PHP/SQL Web Design Fundamentals.

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Publications & Research

Guillaume’s work is centered around a variety of complex and dynamic fields. He has demonstrated expertise in computer science, cryptography, creative technologies in design and medias, decentralised finance and sustainable investments, artificial intelligence, as well as leadership related to innovation, adaptive human psychology and agile project management. His published works explore the intersections between these fields and provide insight into cutting-edge developments and techniques.

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