GVA PoGo: Real-Time Pokemon Spawns Map for Geneva

In 2017, I launched GVA PoGo, a real-time map for Pokemon spawns across Geneva, designed specifically for Pokemon GO players. The web application showed the location of all Pokemon, PokéStops, Pokemon nests, raids, and gyms with a clean and intuitive graphical user interface. It featured notifications on Twitter and Discord, lure information, filters, and a multithreaded mode. The web application used independent worker threads that allowed many users to quickly generate a live map of a large geographical area of Geneva. GVA PoGo was also available in multiple languages.

The web application utilized a MySQL database for storing information on all found Pokémon, JavaScript and Python, and it boasted an incredibly fast and efficient searching algorithm, which was a significant improvement compared to other similar web applications available at the time.